“We are moving away from the humanistic idea that “character” is an internal state, essential to the monad and visible from the inside out. Now identity is selected by the individual, in response to outside signs and pressures, as a mode of communication.” -Shelley Rice

Hair has always fascinated me. It is said that you can tell a man by his shoes. I think you can tell a man by his hair. Hair truly does reveal a personality and it is a window to an identity. There are as many hairstyles as people and everyone has their own relation to their hair.

”Hair Stories” is documentary photographic series about a wide diverse of people and their hair. For this project I wanted to focus on the interesting little stories behind a hairstyle with a sense of time as a strong subject matter. Hair and time are very braided together. Time can be shown in hairstyles in several ways but I wanted to focus on the history and evolution behind a persons hairstyle. By asking each person to write down a statement of their current hairstyle, you get a deeper connection and you avoid any potential prejudices.

The series is a result of spontaneous acquaintances and spending time with people I normally would not meet. Walking around with my notebook and meeting people for a cup of tea, talking about hairstyles and arranging a photo shoot, suitable for both of our timetables have been a major part of this project.

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