I want to create my own view of today’s young women. The portraits are natural and I want to capture the psychological state of a twenty-something-year-old. It is difficult to live in the present since so much is going on in your life. Every portrait I have taken is also a self-portrait.


This project is also about the female ideal, back to the aspect that I want to create a reality based series. I have not retouched the photographs and I have asked each model not to wear make up. I have arranged and agreed with the model where she wants to be portrayed.


Spending time with people and meeting strangers has been a big part of this project. I’m very much interested in other people. It’s wonderful to find similar and different qualities in new acquaintances.


How the models pose explains how I’m behaving towards people. I’m a bit distant and respectful. In the book I made I have asked every model to write down their name and the year they were born. I scanned it in and I added it in the layout of the book I made. 

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